About Us

Navigating today's ever-shifting markets takes skill. But analyzing developments, sidestepping pitfalls and identifying opportunities within the context of your unique financial goals require a higher level of expertise. At Obermeyer Asset Management, we are deeply committed to delivering a highly individualized approach and sound, thoughtful investment advice designed to preserve and grow your net worth.

Personal attention is a hallmark of our business. You work closely with our team of highly capable investment professionals who take a genuine interest in your financial situation. Whether we're developing a better understanding of your estate goals or designing your investment policy, we spend significant time initially and over the long run to get to know you, your values and your unique financial objectives. It's our endeavor to develop a long-term relationship with each client based on open communication and earned trust.

Our Structure

Integrity and openness are founding principles and critical components of our success. When the firm began in 1997, we made a conscious decision to be an independent investment advisor. This structure ensures objectivity, clarity and has the benefit of added safeguards: