Our Process

Because we recognize that each client's financial situation is unique, we design investment portfolios to meet your particular financial goals. With diligence, discipline and objectivity, Obermeyer's investment team strives to help secure and grow your wealth by:

Obermeyer's Investment Committee Members: Wally Obermeyer, John Goltermann, Ali Flynn Phillips,
Laurence J. Kandel, Roger Hennefeld, Wade H. King, Dana Gleason

When choosing investments, we strive to grow our clients' net worth and protect against a permanent loss of capital through thoughtful selection, rigorous management and by using time to our advantage.

We're comfortable straying from the herd because we believe that the best opportunities are often less promoted and under-appreciated. And because we actively manage client portfolios, we can remain agile in our thought process and reassess as opportunity sets evolve and change.

We have the experience to control our emotions while investing and work to design portfolios that enable our clients to do the same. We believe the rationale behind each investment decision should be clear and concise and our focus should remain on long-term outcomes.